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The Magic Behind Show + Tell:


Covering all facets of film 

Hemma Kearney is a master full genius within the film industry, able to bring the magic in any situation. Hemma executes every part of the production process with a great depth of knowledge, experience, and personal touch - from conception to completion - she is with you each step of the way, bringing all her talent which has her known as an internationally award winner for directing, videography, special effects and animation. 


Hemma travels the world and produces films for small businesses, non-profit organisations and multi-national companies whom have all sung her praise. Her work boasts an array of advertising campaigns, promotional videos, powerful animations and anything in between.

Hemma has over 12 years of industry experience and started out doing a degree in Film at Bond University. She has worked in feature films and TV, notably Narnia, Robin Hood, Australian Fashion Week, Fox Sports and various music videos. 

Among all of this she is also the Vice President of the Australian Cinematographer’s Society’s Queensland branch and lectures at Bond University on the Gold Coast as well as other institutions around the world.

However! ...The photography and videography speak volumes more of this talented woman and her careful eye to represent people and their stories, so less reading and see the stories she has created for yourself...


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